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I admit I got to this late, and I haven't read every last bit of every last post. I have at least read the screencaps of the Survey Of Fail itself and some of the linkspam links.

First, I have my cranky fangirl thoughts like so:

- Slash and smut are not the same things. It is perfectly possible to create non-explicit slash. My all time favorite fanfic in the history of EVER, Mentors, has extended discussions of the gay-ness of its two main characters, and a single non-sexual kiss. (I will warn that it ALSO has a very disturbing death.) A lot of my own "slash" writing was more about the character trying to come to terms with queerness rather than about The Relationship. Then again, as a queer female instead of a heterosexual one, I was clearly not the target audience of Survey Of Fail.

- The corollary to this is that there is some incredibly smutty hetfic out there. :P

- Even when you have R or NC-17 fic, slash or het, there are many fics in that range that if you are using them as one-handed wank material U R DOING IT WRONG and I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW YOU KTHNXBAI. (I've encountered several fics in HP fandom, beautifully written, that graphically describe sexual abuse of minors either as it is happening or in full-on PTSD flashbacks. If this turns you on, I REALLY don't want to know about it.)

- Asking whether you identify more with the "dominant character" or the "submissive character" = WHAT THE FLAMING FUCK?! My Harry Potter fandom OTP has such consistent appeal to me in part because neither one of them truly overpowers the other - there is a subtle, ever-shifting balance of power in that relationship and a true relationship of equals is part of what it is so much fun to play with in characterization-land. Ditto for my not-slashy-but-incestuous Amberverse OTP, because over the span of centuries, the dance changes. One leads and the other follows, then circumstances change and so does the "leader". Their strengths are complementary, but they are both incredibly strong and talented people even by Amberite standards. (And I'm actually getting my Llewella-muse back, which is awesome, so there might be fic from that 'verse soon.)

- Some of my fictional "kinks" (things I often seek out) are not sexual turn-ons for me AT ALL and are incredibly "squicky" if even remotely brought into the real world. I have way too many 'ships that involve sibling incest, which OF COURSE is something I think is a Very Bad Thing in the real world. But that's part of why fantasy (of any type) exists, to explore those things that shouldn't be explored in reality.

But back on topic, which is now the cranky queer chick speaking:

- Not all female slash writers are straight. In fact, a fair number of us aren't.

- Again with the whole dominant vs. submissive character - seriously, WHAT? That's about as offensive as asking a same-sex couple who "the MAN" is. FAIL.

- And again with the whole slash = erotica thing. Because, you know, the absolute centerpiece of a same-sex relationship is having lots and lots of "deviant" sex. Um, not so much really. I hate that concept. Hate hate hate, because it messes with people's heads and their real-world relationships. There is this pressure to drop the clothes and/or declare yourselves In A Relationship right away, or otherwise there's all the "Well, how do you KNOW you aren't Just Good Friends?????" nonsense.

- I also don't even know where to begin with the wrongness of "shemale". There's also the survey asking about birth sex and then current gender identity as "Male, Female, Transgendered, Other:describe." Is an FTM supposed to say that he identifies as Transgendered when the POINT is that he identifies as male? Seriously, WHAT THE HELL NOW?

And of course there's the cranky social work grad student part:

- For fuck's sake, I had to deal with my school's IRB to survey scadians about use of language in-personal vs. in every day life for a sociolinguistics assignment. Something that asks about masturbation habits and illegal drug use fucking well needs IRB clearance and probably not just that "expedited review" stuff I did either.

- I've also had to aggregate survey data from someone else's survey. Do you know how annoying a process that is when there are a lot of redundant open-ended questions in a survey? It was annoying for ME, and I had less than 100 surveys to deal with. I pity whoever gets stuck with the data-mining here.

- What everyone else has already said regarding confidentiality issues. Blah.

There is also an unrelated issue of things that turned up in the comments, which if I feel like posting about it will probably appear in another post. I had a button get pushed, is all. :P

Date: 2009-09-04 04:45 am (UTC)
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The more I read of this, the more I came to the conclusion that the issue here was that where they said "slash" they actually meant "yaoi." It explains any number of miscommunications between the survey-writers and the fans.

On the other hand, these guys are so completely sexist, racist, and a lot of other ists that I don't really want to be making excuses for them.

Date: 2009-09-04 06:52 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] arch
I don't see how they can possibly use the data they have even if they still want to. There have been so many people filling out false answers that they'd need to start all over again just to have a dataset that makes sense at all. At least, I think so, but then I am using the sort of logic that is apparently beyond these guys. You know, the earth kind.

Date: 2009-09-04 08:03 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] invisionary
I think this farce of a survey has damaged the relationship between any academic work and fandom such that I don't think anyone, even the most legitimate of researchers adhering to strict ethics and privacy protocols, could conduct a survey on any subject related to this anytime soon. And certainly, any of the perps that put this on will never be respected by this community again. Then again, I'm not sure it's possible to do a survey on the subjects here without getting considerable bias in the results that could be too great to get a representative result - the subject matter itself is very leading to the kind of answers people think it wants.

Date: 2009-09-05 12:22 am (UTC)
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This post has been included in a linkspam roundup.

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I've seen some point-on analysis by people that think a lot of the survey was there for decoration.

What they *really* wanted was the questions that make you think "OMG PERV" (tm [profile] neededalj, correlated with the questions that would bear on your individual tendency to feel sexual shame. In short, what are slashfans' hot buttons.


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