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(This is inspired/triggered by an argument I had earlier today with someone I normally have a very high opinion of, who unfortunately had a nasty case of That Guy-itis during most of our interaction.)

ranty rant rant - also, trigger warning for content related to tragic childbirth outcomes, some of it a bit graphic, and for discussion of rape and false accusations thereof )
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Since I used to work for a health insurance company, and I still work with Medicaid reimbursement rates, I know some people were interested in having me tackle this topic.

One important question in the "Health care debate" is as follows:

Are you looking at health care coverage, or at health insurance?

Universal coverage and universal insurance are not at all the same things, although theoretically universal insurance would be a way of getting to at least near-universal coverage.

This post is mostly looking at how financing a reformed but still "insurance-based" system would work, in my ideal framework. There's still plenty of stuff it doesn't fully address, both things I've thought of and things I haven't, so it's not as if I'm saying 100% yes this is what should be done. It's just the point I would start from.

Cut for length )
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Dear everyone who is complaining that the economic stimulus did not magically make unemployment go away:

Projects, especially those that can make use of low-skilled or technologically unemployed workers, do not just spring into being overnight. There are competitive bids, Request-For-Proposal processes, and final decisions to be made regarding which projects can be funded at what level of funding and with the coordinated efforts of what level of government.

Once projects are greenlighted - which some have been but many more aren't even that far along yet - there are plans to finalize, most likely municipal permits to obtain now that this project isn't just hypothetical, and a workforce to hire and train. Hiring that workforce probably involves interviews, background checks, and otherwise finding people who are a respectable match for a job rather than just giving any random person any random job.

In other words: it's a process. Yes, it's irritatingly slow, and yes, it seems like a lot of red tape. It's still better in the long-run than a lot of alternatives.

And in my corner of the world I'm seeing a lot of jobs listed as "paid for by ARRA funds." I've also seen some construction projects with that specific notation. Things ARE happening.


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