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I have a ton of other backlogged goings-on that I want to post about at some point, but right now I am particularly infuriated and just want to address something.

Apparently, there is this bizarre rumor going around at work that the Big Mucking Project is just a cover for me getting the state to pay me the big bucks for working on my dissertation.

Hahahaha, NO.

First of all, there is this list of things that has to happen before I'm cleared for dissertation-writing:

- Completion of the two courses and field in progress this semester.
- Completion of three more semesters of field (or one more semester of field plus a summer placement at 4 days/week instead of 2 days/week).
- In addition, completion of 19 credits (6-7 classes).
- Taking and passing of the Practice, Policy, and Research qualifying exams.
- Writing of a Doctoral Essay/"pre-dissertation" that is acceptable.
- Selection of a dissertation committee and all that fun stuff.

The Big Mucking Project and what follows from it needs to be done by the end of this year at the latest, with the major work completed in the next couple of weeks.

The project includes a dataset that I might get permission from both school and work to do secondary analysis work on, though even that is more likely to be for my classes and/or the Doctoral Essay than for the actual dissertation.

Besides, I'd rather not publish a dissertation that is based on a massive quantitative analysis project. That's not exactly my choice of long-term scholarly direction if I can avoid it.

But why should reality get in the way of a perfectly good rumor? *sigh*
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Question from my Ask Me Anything thread:

What is your actual job? I know you talk about it a lot, and I know it has something to do with CPS, and you seem to be training for some other aspect of your job, but I'm not sure what it is that you actually do at work on a day to day basis.

The trouble with answering this is that what I actually do varies quite a lot and still seems to be in flux. I work in the Rate Setting Unit of the Office of Children and Family Services. My official title is Senior Administrative Analyst, which is not terribly informative as to what I'm actually doing. (It's a fairly generic title that is often given to people who came in through the Public Management Institute program who aren't specifically doing State budget requests or human resources work.) I'm one of the few non-accountants in my department.

So what does that all mean anyway? )
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So, apparently the idea of the "emotional affair" is one that some relationship advice-and-counseling folks are really big on these days. There are actually some slightly useful concepts that could be related to this, like the idea that actual sexual contact with another person does not have to occur for someone to be unfaithful to marriage vows or other relationship agreements. (My ex-fiance, who was all kinds of dishonest and also had a serious substance-use problem, used to love to remind me that, "Hey, at least I didn't CHEAT ON YOU!" as if that somehow made the rest of his various unacceptable behavior perfectly OK.)

But...the concept as a whole is one that I find incredibly problematic for a lot of reasons.

cut for length - minor talk of sex involved as well )


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