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What I generally do and do not warn for, in fic and essays. Mentions but does not explicitly describe various potentially difficult subjects including sex, violence, and drug use - reader discretion advised. )

The short version: As of today, I warn for graphic sex, violence, or medical procedures; for sexual situations in which consent is or could appear to be lacking for any one of several reasons; for deadly or potentially deadly violence inflicted on self or others; for graphic descriptions of medical procedures; for the presence of miscarriage/stillbirth or major character death; and for spoilers of any recently-released media. This policy applies to any fanfiction or original creative work, to reviews of any type of media, to essays/rants, and to links to other posts or news stories.
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[Admin post current as of April 20, 2009]

[Update: The use of "my" is referring to myself, [personal profile] passerine. However, my spouse, [personal profile] invisionary also tends to use these terms in approximately the same way, and this list is evolving into a joint creation.]

[Update April 20, 2009 for new terms: "Do Me Feminism", "Gifted & Talented", "Invisible Disability", "Sex-Positive", "Twice-Exceptional".]

The purpose of this post is to define terms that may not be familiar to my readers. I tried to state my definition for terms that have often-debated definitions (Attachment Parenting, feminism, etc.) as well as to explain terms that are specific to certain subcultures or areas of study (Dominionist, Evidence-Based Treatment, etc.) and to explain particular terms my social circle uses that may or may not exist outside it (Adolescent Content and Depressed Logic are two examples of that).

Basically, if you see me use a term in my writing, and you're either not sure what it means in general or not sure what I mean by my use of it, see if it's in this post. If I missed something, feel free to ask me to define it. As usual, anonymous comments are screened and will be unscreened at my discretion.

cut for length, for possible triggers, and for 'adult concepts' )
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If you would like to suggest a topic for me to post about, or if you have a question/comment/concern about this journal, comment to this post.  Anonymously is fine.

Please be aware that some topics, by their nature, belong in locked posts or on an opt-in filter.  If you do not have access, you will not see the response.

All comments are screened and will remain so unless specifically requested otherwise.
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[This is an admin post. Last revision: April 7, 2009.]

If you want to subscribe to me or give me access: Feel free! No need to ask.

If you want me to subscribe to you: Generally, I will subscribe to people who have subscribed to me, unless there is something I find particularly bothersome about their journal. "Particularly bothersome" means such things as: content full of -isms and generally hateful speech, writing so far from Standard English as to be nearily incomprehensible, explicit adult content not behind cuts, or multiple large images not behind cuts. I may remove a subscription if I find that the vast majority of posts in a particular journal make my brain hurt in a bad way.

If you want access to my locked posts, I expect one of the following to be the case:

- I know you from elsewhere.
- Someone I know VERY well (like, say, my spouse, or someone I've been in-person friends with for at least a year or online friends with for several years) recommends that I add you.
- We have directly interacted one-on-one or in a community setting and it has gone well.
- We've subscribed to each other's public posts, had some exchange of comments, and that has gone well.

My opt-in filters are opt-in to anyone who has access, except if a filter is noted as being 18+, I also need to know that you are at least 18.

Generally speaking, I will set public posts to screen anonymous comments. They will be unscreened if a) they are not inflammatory and b) they are signed with some form of alias.

I reserve the right to freeze threads or to delete comments, though generally I will only delete comments if they inappropriately reveal someone's personal information or if they are from a commenter that I have previously warned to stop making problematic comments.

"Problematic comments" are comments that are obvious trolling or flamebait or that derail the discussion topic.

A reminder to check your privilege is NEVER a problematic comment.

These policies are subject to revision as needed.
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This is more for me than anyone else, but I'm keeping a running list here so that others can poke me to finish these posts if I do not do so in a reasonable period of time and/or suggest other needed admin posts.

- Access list only: Opt-in filters DONE!
- Definitions of Terms (either unusual phrases I use, or specifying the definition I use for a word with a controversial definition).  DONE, at least until someone gives me more things to define.
- Commenting and access policies.  DONE!
- "Suggestion Box" for topics.  DONE!
- Generalized "about me" post: one version for public posts and one for access list. PUBLIC POST MADE.


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