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Standard Amberverse warnings apply, though nothing graphic. They're still just kids, but if fictional underage immortal half-siblings obviously crushing on each other is squick-some to you, you might wanna skip this one. *heh*


The joy of summer’s return and solid ground ran through her as she ran, from her soles to her soul.

Above the water, the sun is warm and bright. And Brand is there, calling her, warmer and brighter than any sun in any world.

“Lillie, Lillie, Lillie, you’re back you’re back you’re back! I missed you so much, so much I can’t even say, you’re here you’re home! ”

She has waited through fall winter spring until the shortest night, which somehow seemed the longest. Waited for summer.

Solid ground beneath her, solid arms surrounding her.

Yes, she is home.


He is at ease in the sky. Flying seems so simple, when he does it. Falcon, phoenix, angel all seem perfectly natural shapes for him.

She struggles to add wings, to move in this new way in a body that somehow is and is not hers. “I’m trying!” she whispers.

“I know you are.” His voice is soft and gentle as the breeze at sunset, encouraging her.

“The real trick,” he says, “is not to try. Don’t copy my wings, Lillie. Make your own!”

Scales, not feathers, dragon’s wings? “It worked!” she shouts, surprised, from twenty feet in the air.


Anything more violent or rebellious would be out of the question, so he snuck out to the pier to skip stones. The splashing stones, the late evening drizzle, and, well, anything else that might account for the need to wipe his face dry, they all had one source.

All things returned to the sea, so the Book of the Unicorn said. But there was only one thing, and that was so very much NOT the right word, that mattered to him.

“You’d better bring her back!” he whispered into the mist.

A mocking echo was the only answer he heard.
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