Date: 2010-09-20 02:59 pm (UTC)
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Oh, by all that is holy, YES.
Also rage-inducing: when a family is essentially forced to give up a child they love because they cannot care for said child's illness because they don't have the money / kid is unmanageable / they don't have the space for the equipment the kid needs / the meds don't work, then OMG BAD PARENT. CALL THE SOCIAL WORKERS. GET THE OTHER KIDS TAKEN AWAY TOO! Followed immediately by nitpicking every single choice the parents ever made. Wait, you went to Wisconsin last year to bury grandma? You should be able to spring for an in-home aide so that your self-abusing kid is never left alone! Your car isn't falling apart? Why haven't you bought a bigger house so that there is room for Junior's special bed and life-sustaining equipment already? Why is her room converted from something else on the ground floor rather than a proper bedroom upstairs? What do you mean, she's too heavy to carry up the stairs and you can't afford to install an elevator?
And, of course, the related fail: Wait, you quit your job to care for the kid round-the-clock? YOU LAYABOUT YOU. No, I don't care that an in-home nurse costs more than you made at your job and that you being unemployed means that you're eligible for CHIP. No, I really don't care that your spouse has turned down 5 promotions and pay raises because that would raise the family's income above the cap. I don't care that the spouse can't afford to leave Crappy Job of Soul-Sucking Crappyess that provides the meager health insurance that pays for some of Junior's care. Why isn't your spouse more of a go-getter? It must suck being married to a loser like that.
I've seen that. More than once. It's horrid.
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