Date: 2010-09-20 12:37 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] passerine
They also clearly did not do the math or the research.

One of the most egregious examples I encountered recently was at a conference for people in the social services/child welfare field complaining about how high the per diem is for state-run juvenile justice programs. One person in the audience of a panel discussion - I am not making this up - said she could easily give half that money to some nice out-of-work couple to "watch the little bandit".

Apparently she missed the case in another part of the state where two of the "little bandits" went from playing cards with the worker in their group home to murdering her and going on the run. Or the many cases where residential treatment or juvenile justice placements happen because the teen in question violently assaulted a foster parent or other household member.

Apparently she ALSO missed that juvenile justice facility per diem rates include *everything* from the cost of teachers and school supplies to the cost of every single medication the kids take, every ER visit, etc. (This is in comparison to our standard foster care and residential treatment center rates for nonprofits that have state contracts, which ONLY include "direct care, supervision and maintenance" payments, and have separate per diems for on-grounds schools, if any, and then either ANOTHER separate per diem for medical and mental health stuff or just a regular Medicaid card they use like anyone else on Medicaid. So obviously the main published per diem is lower.)

Oh yeah, and let's not forget the woman who has just fled a domestic abuser, who suddenly has to keep TWENTY-ONE APPOINTMENTS in one week and will lose all assistance if she misses one. (Real example from same conference.) And somehow around this she's supposed to be looking for or holding down a job and making sure she doesn't encounter the abuser on the way in or out of whatever building she's supposed to be at? But those women whose relationships went sour probably because something of they did just like to "play the DV card" to get sympathy and extra help, amirite?

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