May. 24th, 2010

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I really hate when I see stuff going on that makes me sympathize with people far to my right politically, because certain people who generally reside within my part of the political spectrum are being every bit as much the amoral/immoral asshats that the scary fundies THINK we ALL are.

[Yes, I know cryptic post is cryptic. I can't give too much more of the contexts in a public post, sorry. Please rest assured that it is not about me or my immediate family.]

Just some general points, though:

- Sexist commentary is not suddenly OK when it is directed at conservative women. No, not even "for their own good" to free them of their "irrational" beliefs. (And mocking people for their religious beliefs? Not OK either.)

- EVERY TIME I hear someone say, "I know I'm being politically incorrect," my brain is now translating this as, "$PERSON knows s/he's being an asshat, but believes that the asshattery is justified even though there's a minimum 98% chance that it's not."

- Not paying your child support? IS NOT OK, with possible rare exceptions involving literal impoverishment. "Connecting to my child in other ways" does not cut it, sorry.

- Having females around to have sex with is NOT a basic human right or survival need for individual males.



passerine: Picture of Sparrow from Dykes to Watch For (Default)
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